gloss вопиющегo (feldmarshmellon) wrote in academaios,
gloss вопиющегo

Harpocration on Isocrates - Seleucus on Homeridai.

Dear Hellenophiles and Academes.
Can you help me with any bibliographical references, preferably in English, to the following conundrum?
In the article in Classical Quarterly (49.2; 1999) p. 367, M.L. West, mentions that Harpocration, commenting on Isocrates' mention of the Homeridai, cites Seleucus' story of the origin of the term. I am doing
a bibliography hunt, but haven't found much on either Harpocration or Seleucus. Any hints and clues would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!
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