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Socratic Dialogues

You know you've read too many Socratic dialogues when...
You have more translated versions than actual dialogues.
-You nitpick the translations, comparing each one with the others.
-You aren't happy with any of them.
You quote them in real life to friends.
-They get confused
-They don't get confused because you've explained the dialogues already
-They don't get confused because they're all philosophy or classics majors.


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You quote your own translations to your friends, who don't get confused because you worked on the translations together over spring break...
-You can tell the dialogues apart simply by counting how many "Yes"s, "Of Course"s, and "What you have just said"s there are in the first 100 lines.

-You come up with better translations for the "Yes"s, etc.

-You find the answer Socrates was looking for in the "Yes"s, etc.